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Clean Carpets =Attractive Properties…


You don’t need to be Sarah Beeny to know a clean, tidy and well presented house will sell quicker and reach a higher asking price than one more – ‘lived in’.


You’re in the business of selling houses and know that ultimately people make the decision to buy primarily with emotion and less than they might like to think with hard reason and intellect.

You’ve probably taken many a prospect round their potential new home only to watch the sale slip away to some very quick and often illogical decisions – and dirty carpets don’t make the best first impression!

At Sunflower Carpet Cleaning we work with you to sell your clients houses quicker, easier and get them as close as possible to their asking price.

Researchers suggest that homebuyers are often unable to look past dodgy decor’ and site dirty carpets as one of the first things they notice about a potential new home.

hot water cleaning in bicesterSunflower Carpet Cleaning offers your clients the opportunity to fettle their property into tip-top viewing condition and make the very best first impression with our ‘house sellers’ carpet clean. This is a minimum cost, maximum impact clean and all about creating that perfect first impression: reviving and rejuvenating those ‘high traffic’ areas through doorways, on staircases and around chairs.

This offers your vendors a really cost effective way of making their home instantly more attractive to buyers – without the extra expense of needlessly moving furniture (as it’s probably clean underneath anyway). This is a ‘no brainer’ solution to make the home more instantly aesthetically and emotionally appealing to the potential new owner.

Empty rooms mean embarrassingly exposed carpets!

You’ve undoubtedly presented many a house where the furniture has already gone and the true state of the carpet is uncomfortably clear for all to see. Usually disguised by the furniture, these high traffic areas now compare very badly to the clean and protected carpet underneath sideboards, sofas and cabinets.

The £££ now ring up for the buyer – “these carpets need replacing and it’s going to cost“!

What is the true value of ignoring grubby carpets to both you and your client? How much extra would their house fetch with cleaner carpets? How much quicker and easier would the house sell and how many fewer dissapointed and disgruntled viewers would you have to show round before it does eventually sell?

If you would like to arrange some special rates for your clients, give call us on: 01604 671757 or ring/text your postcode to 07770 275260 for a quote to make your property more sellable.

Sunflower Carpet Cleaning: helping Estate Agents in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden areas of Northamptonshire sell their clients houses quicker.