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The Expert End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaners in Northampton…

 …who Guarantee Your Deposit Back!


Expert end of tenancy carpet cleaners in NorthamptonYou’re moving out of a property and need a Carpet Cleaner to get your deposit returned. The Letting Agent still holds your deposit so you must get a Professional Carpet Cleaner  in – but which one? You don’t want to spend more than necessary but the last thing you want is a cheap ‘bodge’ job that gives the Letting Agent an excuse to start deducting £££! What to do??

By getting your carpets cleaned properly, you give yourself the best chance of seeing all your deposit money returned!


end of let cash

Sure, someone from Facebook could clean your whole house for £99 or less – but what training have they had; what kit do they use and how good a job will they do? Ultimately, what state will your carpets and your deposit be left in once they’ve gone?

For the peace of mind of knowing the job’s done right, you’ll want a Carpet Cleaner who has the training; the experience; and (most importantly) the Very Best Equipment without charging the Earth.

Here at Sunflower Carpet Cleaning we generally leave our clients carpets in a far better condition than when they moved in – which means how can there be any Quibbles about deposits being returned?



carpet cleaning van for end of rental period

Sunflower Carpet Cleaning are Specialist Carpet Cleaners, and because we don’t clean ovens, kitchens or anything else for that matter, we can Guarantee you the best possible chance of getting all your deposit back!


carpet cleaning van running hoseOur state of the art, super-powerful Deep Extraction Cleaning System remains inside our van so no time consuming heavy equipment is dragged inside to needlessly disrupt your day. This means we use hot, high pressure soapy water to clean quickly; to the highest possible standards without undue disruption.


We make your life easier by setting-up super fast, doing the best job humanly possible and getting out of your way in a jiffy


Carpet cleaners NorthantsThis means that we’re able to work around the hustle and bustle of your house move because – not only do we not drag dirty kit into the property to mess things up, but there’s NO flushing stinking dirty carpet water down your ‘ready-for-inspection’ sink because both clean and dirty water are delivered and collected from on-board the vehicle.

In practise this simply means better results for you as we can quickly and without fuss unload just the hand tools and feed the light-weight pipes into the building. Investing in the very best equipment means we can get on with job and get away in super-quick time so you can get on with what you need to do to get to your new home!

Carpet Cleaning has never been so straightforward!


So if you want a top quality and local carpet cleaning service in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden areas of Northamptonshire and surrounding areas of Northamptonshire perhaps give us a Call on 01604 671757 or text ‘End of Tenancy Carpet Clean’ to 07770 275260.

Or get a no obligation Online Quote – there is no hard sale and with our Spot Cleaning Service, Specialist Equipment and Guarantee – you can rest assured that your carpets will soon be really deep down clean without risk, mess, noise or hassle!

“We love cleaning the dirtiest carpets back to a standard you’ll want to touch, feel and even smell” (though not in a weird way!)


Here’s a quick video of a genuinely filthy office carpet coming up pretty much like new! Sorry about the dodgy camerawork as its a bit of a challenge filming and cleaning at the same time.


Carpet Cleaners in Northampton – Which is really best for you?


Carpet Cleaning in Northampton can be confusing and you’re probably bamboozledby all the companies who keep their prices hidden and boast their service is best?

Sunflower Carpet Cleaning are very different! Based in Norrthampton we Guarantee you the very highest level of clean; publish Transparent Prices and even tell you How we do it.

But please don’t take our word for it – The facts speak for themselves…


Northampton Carpet Cleaners generally offer 5 methods depending on how good you want the final results to be. Make sure you know which method your cleaner is offering!


Carpet Shampooing

Without doubt the cheapest but least effective method. Detergents are applied to the carpet or rug and agitated with a brush or machine. The shampoo is then sucked from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner leaving the carpet looking superficially nice and smelling better, but often feels sticky and much of the dirt and microbes stay in the carpet and later reappear.

Pro’s: Cheap and quick Cons: Poor results and often looks worse within weeks


Dry cleaning

By far the gentlest option for delicate materials and often convenient because there is no need to wait for the carpets to dry. The carpet is covered with a special cleaning powder that attracts dirt like a magnet. Once the powder is worked into the carpet, it is then thoroughly vacuumed away with an industrial vacuum.

Pro’s: Gentle and quick with zero drying time: great for regular maintenance cleans and ideal for very sensitive natural fibres such as silk or wool

Cons: Very expensive and not remotely effective on even averagely soiled carpets

Foam cleaning

A cross between shampooing and dry cleaning using a foamed detergent which attracts and adheres to the soil. The foam is worked into the carpet then vacuumed, extracting most of the water, detergent, and dirt.

Pro’s: Marginally cheaper and quicker with shorter drying times

Cons: An undoubtedly compromised clean with no measurable cost advantages

‘Bonnet’ cleaning

A mechanical rotary cleaner with heavy detergents arguably only suitable for commercial flooring. It restores the appearance of industrial carpeting rather than providing proper deep cleaning but can damage the softer, deeper fibres of home carpets.

Pro’s: Cheap and quick for huge areas

Cons: Superficial surface clean relying on mechanical abrasion

Portable pressure washing

A heavy wheeled unit that get brought into your home plugged into your water and electricity supplies to inject tap-hot temperature water and detergent into the carpet before extracting with a vacuum pump providing a good quality of clean.

Pro’s: Luke warm water means good quality clean for a good price though not suitable for silk rugs.

Cons: Noisy, time consuming, tends to require stronger chemicals for effective cleaning, danger of carpets being left too wet and ending up smelly

‘Van-mounted’ Carpet Steam cleaning

More accurately ‘Hot Water Extraction’ uses very hot (85+degrees), high pressure, soapy water injected into the carpet fibres and instantly extracted by a super-powerful vacuum. Totally self-contained driven by its own integral engine; ‘van-mounts’ are unquestionably the most effective and convenient method of carpet cleaning – removing as much of the soil and microbes as possible.

Pro’s: Quicker and more customer convenient than a portable machine, super-hot water cleans better giving the deepest and most sanitising clean for pretty much everything other than silk rugs. Noise remains outside the building. Cons: A bit more expensive and takes an hour or so to dry.

So which is best?

Carpet manufacturers all agree, Hot Water Extraction is the only way to thoroughly and deeply clean a carpet which is why Sunflower Carpet Cleaning has invested heavily in it. Unless you happen to have had your carpets cleaned in the last 6 months, none of the ‘low moisture’ options provide a suitably deep clean and can potentially make matters worse by dragging hidden dirt up to the surface.

If however, you do happen to have had your carpets cleaned recently or have very fine silk rugs, by far most expensive but gentlest option is ‘dry’ cleaning. Any of the other methods are an inevitable compromise and hard to justify in regard to cost:end result. Sunflower Carpet Cleaning has also invested in dry cleaning technology so we can offer a safe service for more delicate materials.

Find out from your cleaner which method they use before you commit to anything; compare costs and make an informed decision on who really does offer you the very best value.

Who are we?

Sunflower Carpet Cleaning is a small family run Carpet Cleaning business based in Northampton. We promise the very best level of carpet cleaning at very reasonable prices.

Our Guarantee

No carpet cleaner should ever promise you a carpet that looks like new because no two carpets ever clean up the same. We do however Guarantee to provide you with the most thorough carpet clean possible or we’ll happily give you your money back.

Please take 2 mins for a closer look at Who we are and What we do and our Prices to provide the very best quality of carpet cleans. Give us a call on 01604 671757  or call/text  07770 275260 if we can help you in any way.

The Expert End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaners  in Northampton