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Many home owners in the Northampton area understandably find choosing the best carpet cleaning service somewhat confusing?? Here at Sunflower Carpet Cleaning we bend over backwards to make sure you understand exactly who we are and how we work – making your decision easier by providing a carpet cleaning service as simple, understandable and painless as possible.

Using our comprehensive 10 Step Carpet Cleaning Process, we Guarantee to give your carpets the most thorough clean possible first time,  every-time, and provide you with a 100% transparent Price – right up-front and before we start work.

carpet cleaning company northamptonYou also want to be sure:

  • You’re getting the most thorough carpet clean possible.
  • We’re fully trained and competent
  • That we’re fully insured
  • The whole process will be simple, straightforward and understandable.
  • You know Exactly what you’re going to pay – up front and without any nasty surprises!
  • The technician will be polite, friendly and respect both you and your home.
  • A dirty great machine won’t be dragged through your home with wet cables and hoses everywhere.

At Sunflower Carpet Cleaning, based in Northampton, we promise to deep clean your carpets and Remove Stains – back to as close to new condition as possible or you Pay Nothing!

  • Lifting the pile
  • Feeling softer
  • Smelling clean and fresh
  • And as free as possible from stains and discolouring!
  • …so you can’t help yourself but roll around and make ‘carpet angels’ (see right)

Find out the full details of my ‘most thorough clean you’ve ever seen’ service HERE

Powerful and Convenient Carpet Cleaning

Here at Sunflower Carpet Cleaning, we use a powerful, self contained ‘van mounted’ cleaning system which remains safely inside our van outside your property. This means we never have to a drag a noisy, heavy machinery into your home and can be set up and ready to clean in super quick time.

Unlike most carpet cleaning contractors in Northampton who have noisy portable machines, we don’t leave electric power leads and hoses lying around and don’t have to plug into either your electricity or water. With our completely self contained carpet cleaning system, we can be totally self sufficient while gently but powerfully cleaning your carpets with minimal hassle, disruption or  disturbance!

While we get on with cleaning your carpets, your home remains quiet, habitable and clutter free!

Find out more about Sunflower Carpet Cleaning, check out our Carpet Cleaning Pricing or contact us HERE for a quote today and breath new life back into your ‘grubby’ living room, bedroom and stairs carpets.

So if you’re in the Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden areas of Northamptonshire give us a try – with our 10 Step Cleaning Process, our Stain Removal Process, Powerful Equipment and  GUARANTEE you really do have nothing to lose!

For the cleanest possible carpets, Call us on: 01604 671757 or ring/text your postcode to 07770 275260

Possibly the Friendliest Home Carpet Cleaners in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden areas of Northamptonshire .