Spill and Stain Removal

 Carpet Spills and Stains


Our super-powerful ‘hot water extraction’ machinery will remove perhaps 90-95% of discolouration caused by spillages however…


carpet stain and spill in bicesterDepending on the carpet materials and construction; some discolouration will require a little extra time and effort to remove – and other deep set stains, will never come out no matter how much elbow-grease and cunning is applied.

The extra care and attention to remove deep set staining simply can’t be included in our overall cleaning prices – and please be wary of anyone who does offer to do so for a set price over the phone!

At Sunflower we’re more than happy to get down on our hands and knee’s and make the vast majority of those awkward and unsightly stains disappear. However this does take extra time, knowledge and a variety of specialist products – so inevitably costs extra.

carpet stain remal bicesterAlthough we would love to, the type and extent of carpet staining is so different on each and every carpet it would simply be disingenuous and misleading to offer any kind of realistic  ‘ball park’ figure of cost without first seeing them. We work our charges out at £55 per hour spent on hands and knees working the magic.

Draft Marks

Another issue that costs a little extra to attend to is that nasty black discolouring that appears around the edges of many carpets. Caused by the movement of air (drafts), the carpet fibres over time act as a filter capturing dust and other particulates. Another one that requires special solutions and good old fashioned elbow grease: like stains, this costs £55 an hour for special attention. But don’t panic, an hour of scrubbing will usually cover every room in an average sized house.

Rest assured, unlike many portable cold water units, our hot water extraction machine will get out the vast majority of spills, stains and draft marks – however should any specific stubborn stains require extra-special attention, a candid and comprehensive assessment will be needed before we can provide a rock solid costing.

We’re always happy to pop out, clean your carpets for a set price using our 10 Step Process – which will get rid of the vast majority of stains, and then let you make your own mind up about any extra spot and stain work you’d like doing once done.

Couldn’t be simpler!!

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With our experience, training, specialist equipment and Guarantee you really do have nothing whatsoever to lose!

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Carpet spills and stain removal in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden areas of Northamptonshire