Nobody Cleans Better?!

Sunflower Carpet Cleaning in Northampton promise the Cleanest Carpets!


Where most Carpet Cleaners keep their prices low and profit high by using cheap machinery and nasty chemicals, here at Sunflower Carpet Cleaning, we do the opposite, boasting the very best equipment to do the job to a super high standard first time – every single time!

We provide a depth of clean that cheaper equipment simply can’t compete with.


We can do this because we can set-up, do the best job humanly possible and be off to the next customer at such a high speed that we clean more carpets and ultimately charge less for each and making your life easier…

Everyone’s a winner!

Because our super powerful deep extraction system is permanently mounted inside the van it means no time consuming heavy equipment to endlessly lump about and minimal disruption to your life.

Our machinery is simply too big and powerful to carry in and out and provides steaming hot soapy water that (no matter what a cold water cleaner tells you) cleans far far better without requiring harsh chemicals – have you ever tried washing the dishes with cold water?!!?

Also, all the clean and dirty water are delivered and collected on-board the vehicle which means not only no dragging dirty kit into your nice clean home, but NO messing around with hose pipes and NO flushing stinking dirty carpet water down your kitchen sink.

In practise this means we quickly and without fuss unload the hand tools and feed the light-weight pipes into the building which means we can get on with job and get away in super-quick time so you can roll around on your newly clean, soft and fresh carpets in peace!

Carpet Cleaning has never been so straightforward!

Carpet Cleaning quote Northampton

Northampton Carpet Cleaning Quote

So if you’re not looking to spend a fortune but want a top quality and local carpet cleaning service in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden areas of Northamptonshire perhaps give us a call on Call us on: 01604 671757 or ring/text your postcode to 07770 275260.

Or get a no obligation Online Quote – there is no hard sale and with our Spot Cleaning Service,  Specialist Equipment and Guarantee – you can rest assured that your carpets will soon be really deep down clean without risk, mess, noise or hassle!

Find out more about our Carpet Cleaning Process HERE, Contact us HERE for a no obligation quote to breath new life into your carpets.

“We love cleaning the dirtiest carpets back to a standard you’ll want to touch, feel and even smell” (though not in a weird way!)

Here’s a quick video of a genuinely filthy office carpet coming up pretty much like new! Sorry about the dodgy camerawork as its a bit of a challenge filming and cleaning at the same time.

Carpet Cleaning in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden areas of Northamptonshireand surrounding areas of Oxfordshire.