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Sunflower’s Carpet Cleaning Service is as…

carpet cleaners in Oxford, Bicester, Witney and Banbury

It probably goes without saying that you expect the Most Thorough Carpet Clean possible – but you also want to know exactly what you’re going to pay before you book with us!


Truck Mount Carpet Cleaners NorthamptonWe’re pretty sure you’re also looking for someone:

  • friendly, professional: trained and fully insured
  • who uses the very best, most powerful equipment
  • who tells you what they’re going to do and why
  • who does the job to the highest standards in super-quick time
  • who informs you what time they’ll arrive and give you a good idea of when they’ll depart
  • who leaves your carpets fully useable in hours not days!
  • who offers a Cast Iron Guarantee which means you’ll never be in any way disappointed or out-of-pocket!

By being totally transparent and providing all the information you’ll ever need, either on our F.A.Q’s or over the telephone/email, you can be 100% sure that Sunflower will provide you with the very best service at a very agreeable price.


Contact Carpet Cleaners post-itThis means that:

  • Once we have all the information we need via Phone or Form, we’ll give you a price that we stick to
  • We’ll never send a salesman in your house selling you stuff you don’t need
  • The cost we quote is final and will never spiral-up on the day
  • We’ll arrive when we say we will
  • We’ll provide you with the Most thorough clean possible – No Excuses!
  • We work super-quick to be out of your hair in a jiffy
  • We’ll never drag wet, noisy and smelly machinery dragged around your home
  • Your carpets will be useable the minute we leave (with a little care)
  • Our Guarantee means that if you are in any way dissatisfied, you pay nothing!

How come other Professional Carpet Cleaners in Oxford don’t offer such a straightforward service?


Rug Doctor NorthamptonThe short answer is they can’t risk it! The vast majority of Carpet Cleaners in Oxford use small, portable, cold water machines that simply don’t have the power to clean properly! This means they must see the job first to gauge the risk – preying they’ll find essentially already clean carpets.

For us, the dirtier the carpet the better – as this is where our ‘state-of-the-art machinery really proves it’s worth! Where a really soiled carpet may take the ‘average’ Carpet Cleaner a whole day, we know we can still get the job done to the highest possible standard in a few hours…


…So no wasted time – which also keeps our prices down.


Contact Carpet Cleaners post-itSunflower Carpet Cleaning 10 Step Process


You’re probably at this very moment trawling Google looking for the right Professional Carpet Cleaner in Oxford for you. You’re probably also somewhat bemused by all the Various Types of Carpet Cleaner and the vague promises they all seem to be making. We commit to being totally transparent by telling you exactly what we’re going to do and How much we charge


tenants have stairs carpet cleanedWe promise just one very high standard of clean: REALLY REALLY CLEAN! And to make sure every carpet we clean is as good as it’s ever going to be, we follow this Comprehensive 10 Step Process which Guarantees each and every carpet we clean is left in the very cleanest, freshest and softest condition possible .

By fanatically following these 10 steps we know that your carpets will be have a great finish that makes Letting Agents and landlords very happy!.



10 Stage Carpet Clean Process


We discuss with you your needs and expectations: First we listen carefully to you, to make sure we’re able to meet all your expectations. If we feel we cannot provide the result you are looking for,we will say so there and then.



Materials Check: We then test and analyse the materials and construction that make up the carpet. Depending on the results choose the best cleaning method and chemistry for each and every carpet.



Spot Cleaning: We check for any major spillages and stains and report on any remedial work that may be required. Depending on outcome, may recommend further spot treatments



Integrity Check: We ensure the carpet is secure and any jointed seams are structurally sound before starting the cleaning process proper.


Warning! If you have a cleaner come to your home that does not carry out all the above checks before getting their equipment out – PLEASE STOP THEM and call a professional!


High Filtration Pre-Vacuum: Super powerful industrial spec carpet cleaner to remove 85 – 95% % of solid dirt particles.



Pre-Spray: For heavy soiling we apply a very specific, fully biodegradable pre-cleaner to lift and loosen oily and biological liquid spills and stains from your carpet fibres.



High Powered Hot Water Extraction: Most importantly for the final finish we use unmatched high pressure hot water and rinsing agent and industrial extraction to 95% dry.



Pet and Bacteria Deodorisation: When required we apply either a rinse based deodoriser or post cleaning spray solution to kill any remaining bacteria and leave the carpet lastingly fresh.



Carpet Grooming: Where appropriate the carpet fibres are ‘groomed’ to leave them standing upright and untangled to give the best softness and appearance.



Finally we check you are 100% happy: It’s important that you are delighted with our work so together we’ll inspect the work we have completed.


If you’re looking for the peace of mind of knowing the carpets have been cleaned properly and your deposit is safe, then…

Carpet Cleaning quote Northampton


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