Why do carpets need cleaning?

How to make grubby carpets soft and beautiful again!


Unfortunately, no matter how good the quality or how well it’s been looked after; every carpet sooner or later becomes trodden down and loses that deeply touchable lustre.

Over time all carpets gradually become more and more dull, stained, scratchy and (let’s be honest here) a wee bit smelly.

But fear not, the really great news is that almost all crispy, rough and stale smelling carpets can be rejuvenated and made cleaner and fresher with the right Carpet Cleaning Equipment and, most importantly, the right training and ‘know how’.

Please see our 10 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

For usually less than 10% of the cost of a replacement carpet, Sunflower Carpet Cleaning can bring almost any carpet back from the brink – amazingly close to it’s former soft, fresh and gloriously touchable glory.

So what is a ‘grubby’ carpet and how can Professional, Deep Cleaning help?

We all know when one of our carpet’s has got a bit ‘grubby’ don’t we? It’s that moment when we move the sofa or bookcase and are amazed by how lovely, clean and soft it is hidden underneath! We’d forgotten how we once felt compelled to lay on it and make patterns in it’s deep, soft pile.

But now the exposed areas have become drab, patchy, rough to the touch and somewhat uninviting to the point that something has to be done. But should you replace it or have it cleaned?

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Replace or Clean – that is the question?

It’s not skipped your attention that carpets are extremely expensive to buy, and you’re reluctant to replace one on a whim – And rightly so! If you’re growing unhappy that a carpet has become an unsightly and stained mess and perhaps feel embarrassed when visitors pop round, but still can’t face the high cost of replacement – that’s OK because you don’t have to!

Here at Sunflower we use our Comprehensive 10 Step Carpet Cleaning Process and Spot and Stain Removal Service to leave grimey, compressed and whiffy carpets – soft, fluffy and fresh!

Using our comprehensive multiple step process we are able to perform a Deep, Powerful and Gentle Professional Carpet Cleaning Service that is Guaranteed to transform any tired, grubby, stained and stale smelling carpet back to somewhere very close to it’s former glory

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 Why Carpets Get Dirty

As we’ve already discussed, no matter how well looked after, all Carpets over the years become dull, hard and smelly, and it’s always essentially because of a build up of 3 types of contaminant:-

1. Solid Debris such as earth, sand, grit, and fibres that get walked into the room and become ground deep into the pile

Obviously regular vacuuming gets out the majority of the superficial solid debris, but over the years the grit and mud particles get pushed deep down between the fibres and build up in the areas that normal domestic vacuum cleaners can simply never reach. This fills up between the pile fibres and gradually makes even the deepest carpet feel shallow and hard under foot.

Sunflower Carpet Cleanings ‘Truck Mounted‘ Carpet Cleaning Machine penetrates deep down where lesser carpet cleaners cannot reach!!

With a level of suction that would put even the most powerful and modern domestic vacuum cleaner to shame, Sunflowers engine driven Prochem Blazer vacuum pump, enables us to powerfully pull out nearly all the accumulated debris that’s become compacted right down into the fibres which make your once deep, soft carpet feel hard and unforgiving to the touch. Contact Us

2. Fluid Staining from liquids that are spilt on and soak right into the carpet fibres

You know how it goes: a little spill here, a small drip there, and over the years your once pristine carpet becomes a less than tasteful patchwork of different shades and colours. Fluid spills leave not only visible staining, but give that particularly unpleasant ‘sticky’ feeling to the touch. No amount of vacuuming will ever remove a stain or it’s sticky residue, so to get the carpet looking spotless and feeling clean as well assoft and bouncy – another process is going to be required…

Hot Water Extraction

Sunflower Carpet Cleaning utilises class leading hot water extraction equipment to inject hot soapy water deep into the carpet fibres under very high pressure to quickly and efficiently dissolve and wash away any fluid stains. And the great thing is the very moment the carpet is made wet, the powerful vacuum instantly removes 95% of the hot (and now filthy dirty) water to leave the carpet a bright, fresh, clean and uniform colour and almost dry to the touch. Of course there may still be the odd stubborn unsightly stain left behind – but that’s OK as we also offer a Stain Removal Service.

3. The build up of microorganisms including dust mites and bacteria. Over the years the debris and organic material that falls onto, and settles deep into the carpet starts to sustain life in the form of mites and bacteria, and it is this that causes that ‘less than fresh’ smell. At Sunflower we use fully biodegradable pre and post-cleaning sprays to deodorise and both kill the flora and fauna growing in your carpet and inhibit it’s rapid return.

A Very Simple Process

To get this deep, thorough clean Sunflower Carpet Cleaning uses its 10 Step Process and the very latest and most powerful carpet cleaning equipment and products to get the very best possible results without having to unload a stack of wet and grimy equipment into your nice clean home, or work place.

Many Carpet Cleaning Contractors drag heavy, bulky machinery into your building, plugging into both into your electricity and your water. At Sunflower, we leave all the heavy and noisy carpet cleaning equipment outside your property, with our powerful but gentle carpet cleaning machine permanently mounted inside our van. See HERE

So please forget the claims of Hoover, Panasonic, Kirby or even those flash ‘full of grand promises’ Dysons! None of these domestic carpet cleaners have a hope of restoring a deeply ‘grubby’ carpet to it’s former glory. You could perhaps do a superficial wet clean by popping over to the hire shop or B&Q and spending 50 odd quid borrowing a domestic wet cleaner for the day? But sometimes these do more harm than good – and anyway for the same price you could enjoy the fantastic results offered by the knowledge, experience and powerful Specialist Equipment of a Professional Carpet Cleaner.

So if you’re in the Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden areas of Northamptonshire give us a try – with expertise, machinery and Guarantee you really have nothing to lose!

While we get on with cleaning your carpets, your building remains quiet, habitable and clutter free.

Check out our 10 step Carpet Cleaning Process, our Stain Removal ServiceOur Guarantee and our Pricing.

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